Jun 6, 2015

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Basic Terminology Used in American Football

american-football-2The word “football” is a used to denote a sport which has to do with feet and ball, but sometimes it is used for both soccer and American football. But if you want to understand some basic terminology of American Football, read on and find out the basic terminology used in American football, commonly known throughout the USA just as football. Football is a sport played between two teams of eleven players on a field with goalposts at each end.

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Offense and defense team
The offense is the team with the control of the oval-shaped football and their object is to run down the field, passing the ball in the attempt of reaching the goalpost. The defense team’s objective is to stop the offense team and their progress and take over the ball which they will control.

2. Gridiron
Gridiron is the playing field where two opposing American football teams meet in order to play a game. Gridiron is a grass field marked with yard-lines.
3. Quarterback player
Quarterback is the leader of the team in charge of giving signals at the line of scrimmage and receiving the ball from the center. Upon receiving the ball the quarterback can either hand it off to a running back or throws it to a receiver or run with the ball.
4. Center player
The center player usually gives the ball to the quarterback.
5. Running back player
This player runs with the football. Sometimes this player is referred to as halfback, rusher or tailback.
6. Guard players
Two inner members of the offensive line are called left guard and right guard and their supposed to protect the quarterback who carries the ball and block the players from the sides.
7. Tackle players
Just like the guards, there are left tackle and right tackle that are on the offensive line and are two outer members.

8. Fullback player
Fullback player blocks the running back and protects the quarterback.
9. Wide receiver player
Wide receiver tries to catch the football and is usually very quick. In a team there are from two to four wide receivers on every play.
10. Thigh end player
This player is used both as a blocker and a receiver. He lines up with the offensive tackle next to the quarterback.
11. Defensive tackle player
The job of the defensive tackle is to maintain positions stop a running play or to break the offensive line and pressure the quarterback.
12. Linebacker player
On every play there are three or four linebackers, whose job is to line up behind the defensive linemen and tackle, run and pass.
13. Safety player
Safety players are the last line of defense and they must defend the deep pass and run.
14. Cornerback player
These are the players who line up on the wide parts of the field. They are positioned opposite of the offensive receivers.
15. Touchdown!
A touchdown is a means of scoring when the ball is in the opponent’s end zone.

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